We have set up this website out of our own interest in constantly giving our house a “new look”, here and there. We have found that beaded curtains have greatly helped us along the way, even as far as covering a whole wall with it in creating a certain motif. And we are sure you will also love the sound it makes as one passes through it or as the wind blows on it.
We give you best selling beaded curtains at a most reasonable price. They will surely stimulate the imaginative you, be it acrylic, wooden or bamboo. It may be something you think you don’t need, but going through our collection will make you consider the open doorway you have, the sliding door to the patio, those open shelves in your daughter’s room, the windows in your room or the dining area, maybe the glass door to the shower or even the blank wall by the entrance. It does not only serve as a divider, of course. And wherever you hang it, you will find a definite new character added to the area.
And to complete the atmosphere you have created, we present you with fabulously scented candles. They are strong yet not overpowering, with a lingering scent that will caress you wherever you are. Imagine a candle for each room of the house, lit to soothe you, and provide a warm welcome to a house you will always love going home to.

And of course, we simply adore having candles around us. We assign different scents in different rooms of the house or sometimes we just go wild and light different scents at the same time. Candles always seem to put us in a certain mood and the shadows they cast on the walls are always fascinating.
While it may be true that there are quite a number of websites where you can buy beaded door curtains and candles, those that we present here are our own personal recommendations and choices which we hope, you will also agree on.
In addition to our curtains and scents, we will be posting our “Monthly Specials”. We are right now concentrating on Oriental Décor which come only as single items. But we do hope to expand to other items, specially gift items towards the last quarter of the year in preparation for the Christmas Season. We hope that you can come and visit our website on a regular basis to browse our “Monthly Specials”
Should you have any questions or comments, you can reach us through email at CustomerService@mentalmovie.com.au

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